Look out over the land, and for just an instant, everything else stops. Time is extinguished. The moment is suspended before you, and everything happens as if it were not true, as in dreams. My work is an advent of the unusual; it contradicts the everyday and mundane to affirm the sublimity of the land and the power it holds over us.

My work begins with everyday materials: fabric, thread, yarn, and wool roving. Through meticulous, labor-intensive gestures it transcends the mundane to become ethereal. The entire process, from beginning to end, is slow and thoughtful. Everything must be considered, from the winding of the bobbins to the threading of the needle, from the first stitch to the very last. The small, repetitive actions bear some semblance to penance, but more than that they are a labor of love for the earth and for the craft of what I do.  The result is a preservation of not only my experience in a place, but a preservation of a space at risk of extinction now more than ever in a world filled with people too eager to destroy and consume.